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Famous Republicans

The Republican party has existed for well over 150 years, so it is no surprise that many Republicans have made a name for themselves on both the national and global stage during that time. Here is a quick overview of some famous Republicans from the 19th century to the present.

Abraham Lincoln

The GOP President who guided the nation through a brutal civil war has left perhaps the most valuable legacy of any Republican politician. In fact, Lincoln was the first Republican President. He managed to best three other candidates from established parties. Sadly, Lincoln was also the first sitting President to be assassinated while in office.

Dwight Eisenhower

This WWII general ran for election in 1952 on a centrist Republican platform, easily beating his Democratic opponent Adlai Stevenson. Eisenhower was the President who ushered the U.S. into the decades-long Cold War with the then-Soviet Union. The American military and scientific community enjoyed great prosperity during his two terms.

Ronald Reagan

A sunny former actor, Reagan gave the GOP the welcoming public persona it desperately needed after the resignation of Richard Nixon in the mid-1970s. Reagan achieved a reputation for cutting taxes, although it was not entirely deserved. In fact, Reagan actually raised taxes 11 times across the eight years he was in office. Reagan is perhaps best known for the ringing speech he gave at the close of the Cold War, where he called on Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall ‒ something that happened just a few short months later.

These three Republicans ‒ Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan ‒ all left lasting marks on their political party, the nation, and in many cases, the world.